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Firstly, if you’re reading this then congratulations. Getting engaged is an exciting thing to happen and planning your wedding is even more so. If you’ve said YES to the question and all that remains is to get all the wedding stuff sorted out, you’ve come to the right place. There are many details about your wedding that have to be decided upon and you can get confused on the priorities or even the progression of things that need to get done. This list will help you plan your wedding one step at a time so that your Big Day goes off without a hitch.

  • Plan everything together – starting with the theme

Many people think that deciding upon the location is the biggest deal, but what happens after you’ve chosen your location? The decorations need to follow a certain theme. Do you want a church ceremony? You have to make this day special for the two of you and this means having a say in everything – what colour decorations do you want? Will it follow what the color the bridesmaids will be wearing?

  • Plan your budget and Prioritize


You need to decide what is needed for your wedding and the incurring costs of those needs. For example, you will need a photographer. Now you can decide whether you have a talented friend who is very adept in capturing the essence of events and can do you a favor or to hire a professional. You also have to think about entertainment and other incidentals so that you are aware of where your money is being spent and where you can save it.

  • Organization is the key


This may sound tedious, but having everything organized may save you a world of trouble as well as oodles of time. Put all information into a folder and divide it into sections for each category like venue, photographer, theme, dress, decoration related information etc.  It will also be advisable to have a spreadsheet which gets updated regularly with all costs noted down and with all lists ready like the guest list, a to-do list which can be easily checked off, budget planner etc.

  • Set a Date


Now things seem a little clearer, you can decide on a date. Would you like a fall wedding or does a wedding in the spring appeal to you? The date decides on when is the most suitable time for you keeping work, availability and other factors in mind. This way you can also decide your guest list. Having a tentative idea or even finalizing on a date will help you in judging how many guests will be able to attend the wedding.

  • Always be organized and keep a check list on hand

You can never say this enough. Organization helps in reducing mistakes and lowers your stress levels. By having a check list, you will be able to run through the things that need to be done in an organized and efficient manner. This also helps you to avoid forgetting to look into important details which may otherwise slip your mind. This also makes sure that all things get done within a certain time frame. If you list out each task and then divide it into a time period by when it should get done, you’ll avoid having to deal with too much at once at the last minute.

All that’s left is to do your research and find out the dress of your dreams, the perfect venue, food and other décor details which would cater to each individual’s unique preferences. Hopefully following a check list will help you save time and money in the long run and we hope that your wedding is as personal as you wish it to be and that it does turn out to be the wedding of your dreams.

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