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Things To Keep In Mind Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

He’s popped the question and you said YES. But what comes now? Now, you are besieged with well wishers who all want to know where and when the wedding is. But there are so many things to consider before you decide on a location. It is not a simple case of point a finger and choose; there are many factors that must be taken into consideration when selecting your place for the dream wedding you always wanted. No longer do couples get married in the one and only wedding venue in their hometown. Travelling has been made easier and this allows many couples to travel far and wide in search of their perfect location. It can get confusing and here are a few rules to help you book the right venue for your Big Day.

  • Consider the Logistics

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It is very easy to get carried away with the emotion of a wedding and you may just sign the contract in the first throes of excitement at seeing a lovely location. While it is great that you love the place, you have to remember the venue’s logistics. Thinking about them before you sign on the dotted line can save you many a sleepless nights later. From figuring out how many people can be accommodated in the venue, to how it looks at the time of day you want to rent it out, to the season and any other special requests you may have.

It’s not easy to have a complete head count the minute you decide to get married but you should have an approximate idea of the guest list so that your search is narrowed down. Even the season should be kept in mind. Remember, venues will showcase beautiful summer sun lit pictures on their websites, but if you are planning a wedding in any other season, ask to see pictures from those seasons to get a better idea. Is there protection if rain decides to fall or is there good lighting provided?

  • The Time of Day

This is also a very important step and one which you must definitely do. It is logical to visit the location at the same time of day you are planning to get married and you can even take your wedding planner along with you so that details can be hammered down easier.

  • Full Service or Half Service


Find out all details about the type of service offered at the venue. Does the rental cost cover a full service meaning that all linen, catering supplies, chairs and tables will be provided or does the venue only provide the space with the rest of the details to be filled in and arranged by you? Some venues may be particular in couples only working with their designers and caterers which may not give you the freedom to shop around for better deals.

  • Decide on the theme and Wedding Style

If you are planning a romantic wedding at a vineyard, you can’t expect the modern chic of an urban industrial loft and vice versa. Decide on the style you want to go for as the venue should support the idea you have in mind. Don’t try to force a certain theme in a location that will not support it.

  • Keep Asking Questions

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Seek and you shall find, Ask and you shall receive”. Truer words were never spoken. If you want something, ask. If you’re confused about something and want your doubts clarified, ask. Ask all concerned people about the wedding details like who will be around to help out on the day of the wedding, are there any structural landscapers coming in before the wedding, are there any major changes that will take place etc.

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