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Smart Ways to Save on Your Wedding Venue

We all want to have the wedding of our dreams and why shouldn’t we? It’s our big day and this is one day that should happen as how you always wanted it to be. But weddings are not cheap affairs and they could end up costing you a pretty penny. Out of all the costs that will be incurred on this special day, your wedding venue will eat up the biggest chunk. However, there are smart ways to get the dream venue for your nuptials without breaking your bank. Follow these suggestions and you should manage to save big time on your wedding.

  • Off peak deals


As you are probably aware of, anything which is in season costs a great deal more. This applies to clothes, holiday destinations and wedding venues. Most people don’t want to get married in the smoldering hot summer weather or the cold freezing winter. That leaves the pleasantness of spring and fall. However, certain places see a boom in booking of venues during the summer. You should avoid getting married on a Saturday as this is one day of the week which will be in high demand. So, choosing a date in spring or fall on any other day would end up saving you a ton of money which can then be channeled into other things.

  • Consider having a weekday wedding

This is slowly picking up in trend and is becoming more popular these days. By deciding to have your wedding on a weekday could save you huge amounts. Also, this ensures that the venue of your choice has higher chances of being available. Of the weekdays, Monday – Thursday works out to be the most economical.

  • Take advantage of superstitious beliefs


As many people feel that marriage is a solemn occasion that warrants having everything perfect, this means that even the date is not left to chance. Most people are a little superstitious and you will not notice many people getting married on the Friday the 13th or even April Fool’s Day. But if these superstitions don’t bother you in the least, you could be having the last laugh.

  • Last minute planned weddings

At times, if you book your wedding at the very last minute, you could end up with some insane deals. You could end up saving thousands of dollars as many wedding venues want to fill their spaces and make a profit, so they will be open and eager to give you a great bargain.

  • Super Saver all inclusive deals

These deals work out to be the best as every detail is handled by the venue. They plan everything for you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing – from how much cutler is required for a certain amount of guests – when the venue handles the entire event; it saves you the time and headache of trying to coordinate between different vendors.

  • Savings from Venue Suppliers

Many times you end up saving a huge amount just by using the recommended vendors as suggested or used by the venue. As they are tied up with the venue or collaborate with them, they may offer discounts in an attempt to woo you over to their business. Another plus point is that those vendors would have worked there before and therefore would know how best to decorate that space.

  • Keep your eyes open


This should apply to every segment of your lives, but when it comes to weddings, it’s a whole new ballgame. If there are any wedding fairs or exhibitions taking place, go visit them for ideas and also to take advantage of any special discounts they may offer.

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