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Absolutely Crazy Places to Have Your US Wedding

You’re in love and you want to really celebrate it and make it one that will be talked about for years.  You’re part of the new age and want to forget about the old Church, chapel routine and want to exchange your vows in a totally different and unique environment? This list could certainly help you out.

  • Get married in the air


This is a new but utterly unique trend that seems to be picking up. Why get married on land when your love makes you feel like you’re floating on clouds? The International Balloon Fiesta which takes place at Albuquerque, New Mexico attracts thrill seekers by the thousands as they explore the skies in hot air balloons. Some of these hot air balloons can hold up to 12 people so that would be perfect for the couple, intimate friends or family as part of the wedding party. For people who are looking for something different, being in love and having your head in the clouds could take on a whole new meaning.

  • Get Hitched on a Bridge


Sounds Intriguing? We don’t mean stopping traffic on Brooklyn Bridge, but instead traveling to Newry, Maine where the Artists Bridge doubles as a holy spot from time to time. This bridge built in 1872 spans the Sunday River and has not seen vehicular traffic since 1958. This lovely wooden bridge is set amongst a lush green forest and the sounds of the bubbling brook will make your love feel as one with nature as possible.

  • Go Caveman

We don’t mean dress up like the Flintstones (although that is entirely your prerogative), but now you can head to Bridal Cave in the Ozarks of Missouri to exchange your vows. According to legend, the first couple got married here in the early 1800s and over 2,500 couples have gotten married here since then. If you think that beach weddings are too cliché, head over to this cave with dazzling stalactites and stalagmites as your wedding décor.

  • Have a Glacial Wedding

    Paul and Jenn wedding on colony glacier

Hopefully your passion won’t cool when you’re surrounded by ice, but this seems to be a unique wedding destination. We’ve heard about beaches and most couples want sunny weather and sand to greet them on their wedding day. However, for couples looking to go the extra mile, you have to travel to Juneau in Alaska where Pearson’s Pond, an inn there helps couples plan their wedding day on a glacier. A helicopter will take you to the top of the glacier for your ceremony, and because it is on a glacier, it is very, very cold. So no fancy lace dresses. Instead, white flowing fur capes, caps, hats and jackets are the norm with spiked boots to keep you from slipping on the ice.

  • Volcanic passions call for volcanic weddings

If your passion flows like molten lava, then it would be the next logical step to get married next to a volcano. Hawaii has no shortages of volcanoes and engaged couples can head to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park where they can exchange their wedding vows in view of the Kilauea Caldera, a part of a volcano that is still live and spews smoke or lava amidst the blue skied backdrop. This landscape is refreshed and transformed daily due to the moving lava but it is still as old as it can get. Couples need not worry either; there have been no active eruptions for centuries. So you can stand on the top and look down to the Earth below and see white clouds float over a clear blue sea. Could anything be more magical?

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