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Have Yourself a Cool Wedding!


  1. Are destination weddings expensive in the US?

If you live in Alaska and are planning to get married in Hawai’i, it surely is a fair distance away. You will have to keep in mind that even though you are not travelling out of the country, you are still travelling a fair distance which will rack up costs, not to mention that organizing it from so far away is a headache. It also totally depends upon your budget and the type of wedding you want. If you are going for a simple, intimate wedding somewhere, it could work out cheaper than having a big bash at a swanky hotel in a very popular tourist spot.

  1. Are there many cool places to get married in the US?

Many people think that the chapel down the road is the only thing to do. But now, the world is truly your oyster and America has so much to offer in terms of scenic beauty and various locations that you never feel the need to travel out of the country. This definitely makes planning your wedding a lot easier. From saying ‘I Do’ on the top of a glacier to exchanging vows in the air – there’s nothing to limit your imagination. After all, it’s your special day – make it special.

  1. Is it a good idea to use full services at a venue?

Many people prefer using the services of the venue itself for their wedding purposes like catering, linens, table and chairs and other furniture as this cuts down on the organizing headaches that can crop up. Now you will have one person to deal with who will oversee everything instead of running after a dozen or so contractors for the various tasks. However, this also limits the amount of negotiations you can have as well as the freedom in certain things. If you don’t mind the hard work, it may turn out to be cheaper to dig around for deals and get exactly what you want without paying through your nose.

  1. How important is choosing the perfect place to get married in?

Need you ask? It is the location you choose to get married in that will be in all your wedding pictures, your friends’ and family’s pictures. This day will be immortalized and as this is the most visual part of the wedding, it has been and will always remain as one of the most important decisions you have to make before getting married. It is also this decision that will eat up the biggest chunk of your wedding budget, so it is a decision you cannot make lightly.

  1. What must I keep in mind before selecting my wedding location?

As they say, location, location, location. Every bride wants the entire event to go without a hitch and this means that everything needs to be perfect. From the food, to the organizing to even the weather. Before you completely decide on a location, know what it looks like on the time frame you are planning to rent it. Look at pictures of the venue at the same season and visit the site at approximately the same time of day to get an idea of the lighting. Leave nothing to chance my friend.