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A Guide in Booking Your Wedding Venue

Picking your Wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a pre-cursor to getting married. This is what sets the tone for the ceremony and is the most visible part of the whole event, apart from the lovely bride of course. You can become completely overwhelmed by the huge array of choices you now have and even though a certain location may tug at your heartstrings, you shouldn’t choose it if it exceeds your budget by a huge margin. At some point, reality will have to step in. This is why you should look at the below mentioned points when you are in this position so that you don’t make a step you will regret at a later stage.

  • Decide upon a realistic budget

This may be the least favorite part because nobody likes to have a limit set on the creativity and imagination your dream wedding should have. But real life is real life and you will have to live with the bills after you get married and why start your married life with debt and tough decisions? See what is a realistic figure for you to spend on your wedding and work backwards so that you will be in a better position to see how much you can afford. You don’t want to select a venue of your dreams only to realize that you will have to compromise on the decorations, food and (shudder) your dress.

  • Research

Now that you have your budget decided upon, research on where you would like to get married. A small chapel, a wooded forest, a farmhouse, somewhere exotic – this is your big day, this is your choice. This may require a bit of running around as many venues’ websites are not up to date so you may need to call and figure out details. This may get frustrating, but remember, the rewards are worth a bit of struggle.

  • Information and Details

Before locking down on one location, ask the following questions to see if it absolutely suitable for your wedding requirements.

  • What capacity can it handle? Check it your reception is a sit down mean or a cocktail party. Knowing this can make a world of difference.
  • Check for their availability and dates to see if any of those works for you
  • What type of a location is it? It is an outdoor space, a restaurant, a historical location or a hotel.
  • What rates do they charge for the location?
  • What is the layout of the location – this will help in where your ceremony, cocktails and reception will take place although this point may become clearer after a site visit.
  • Are there any restrictions with the venue? Check if they close operations by midnight, earlier or later. See what works for you as this may affect your decision
  • Make a note of transportation to the venue. Think of public transportation or parking access so that your guests are not inconvenienced.
  • Venue Extras – Even though you may settle for the venue of your choice, there are certain elements which may not be part of your deal. Make a note of those elements like any equipments, linens, furniture etc that you may require for your ceremony.
  • Does that location have an in-house caterer? Or are they open to you hiring your own preference of catering services.

After you have checked off the above points, go back to the list and make a note on how much each would cost approximately so you have a basic idea of what the costs could be. This will also tell you which venue will fit most in your budget and if your preferred location exceeds your budget, you can see if any other incidentals can be cut back.

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