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Oooooh. My fiancé popped the question a few weeks ago and although I’m still wrapped up in the excitement of getting engaged, I’ve suddenly realized the headache of the things and decisions to come. Now everybody is a nosy parker, asking when and where the big day is and what theme will it be. Goodness, I know that I have to get things done, but it doesn’t help when I feel pressured to give an answer when I’m not sure.

Dominic and I were looking for the perfect place and we had decided that we both would avoid getting married in our respective hometowns and choose a neutral spot. This meant that a huge chunk was already taken out of the decision making. Both our families lived across the country and live in major cities and we thought it would be best to have it at a place where not only would our guests enjoy the experience but enjoy the location as well.

We do understand that as expensive it is for us to plan a destination wedding, even our guests have to shell out a fair bit in getting thee and it won’t be fair if they have to get stuck in a dreary church in a city that has no romanticism. Maybe it’s just us, but we thought it would be great to have it out in a ranch or near a beach. We made a tentative guest list so we knew how many people to approximately expect and this did help us in our search.

I wanted a simple wedding, with no real theme as such, just a color of turquoise to be liberally sprinkled everywhere as my bridesmaids would be wearing that color. We did a lot of research, looking at places online and did a lot of traveling so that we would have an idea of what the place looked like. We did hire a wedding planner too, as both our work schedules didn’t allow us too much time to do all the running around ourselves.

This was a great decision, because we just told the wedding planner what we wanted, what we expected and our budget and everything was fit within that. Changes and modifications are still happening and there is a lot of back and forth but things seem to be getting clearer day by day, and even though I have most of the details tied down, I don’t like giving an answer yet until I am absolutely sure of where and what is happening.

Just a few days back we completely decided on a venue in California. My family lives in Chicago while his is in New York so we thought going down to the Sunny south would be a great idea and a sort of vacation for our guests too. We finalized on a quaint location in Napa Valley where we would be surrounded by the soft sun and beautiful greenery. The Big day has yet to come and I’m excited, but I must go – I have my wedding dress fittings right now.